From the Perspective of Chicago Semester Social Work Students

From the Perspective of Chicago Semester Social Work Students

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Looking Back

by Joseph Helder

Today is the last day of my internship at Evanston School District 65. My semester of living and working in the city has been a whirlwind of emotions. Saying good bye to all of the great people I have been able to spend time with has been harder then I imagined. The mix of students from many different colleges living in my building has been one of the best parts of my semester. Saying goodbyes to the wonderful staff and the students at my schools was also difficult.
It is remarkable to look back at all of the things I have learned since the start of the semester. I remember when I was having trouble understanding how to use the CTA to get to and from classes and work. Also the difference between my first time presenting a student's IEP report at work and my last time was like night and day. It is amazing to see how repetition of work skills has helped me to develop them. I know that these skills will serve me in grad school and into my future career as a social worker.

To anyone wondering whether or not Chicago Semester is right for them I can offer this: I wanted to spent my semester in a place that would offer me new experiences and make me into a more independent individual. Working at an internship back in Holland Michigan would have made me more independent but to no where near the extent that living in Chicago did. Moving to a new city filled with different people and ideas exposed me to new cultures and experiences that I would not have been able to find back in the city I went to college in. I will be forever thankful for the experiences I have gained through this semester in Chicago, and for the wonderful people I met along the way!


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