From the Perspective of Chicago Semester Social Work Students

From the Perspective of Chicago Semester Social Work Students

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Start of fall 2011 semester

My name is Sarah and I am a social work student from Cornerstone University. This semester, I am doing my internship at Loyola University Medical Center in the Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital. I am working with the Child Life Specialist.

I’ve been in Chicago for a few weeks now, and I am loving it! The first week was orientation. We lived downtown in Hotel Allegro. Our days were filled with meetings and excursions into the city. It was a busy week, and there were a lot of new faces and information being thrown our way. We went out to eat at a few restaurants that week. My groups went to Flat Top Grill and CafĂ© Iberico. Both places were very good!

I also started my internship that week. It’s still only the beginning, so I’m still doing a lot of following. I check on kids and see if they need anything brought to their rooms. I also play with kids when they come down to the playroom. We have art, pet, and music therapy for them throughout the week. I have also had the chance to attend a few conferences with my supervisor. I’m really excited for my internship and I know it will be a great semester!

I have a commute of one hour and fifteen minutes, so my days are pretty long. I have a few hours in the evenings and my weekends free to relax or go out and enjoy the city. So far I’ve gone on tours (both boat and bike), eaten pizza, enjoyed the Chicago Jazz Festival, gone to a Cubs game, spent some time at the zoo, and many other things! Life is exciting here!